The Cost will be $15.00 an hour.

Class 1:  6 hrs We will begin with a discussion of the parts of the loom and how do you make cloth with this loom.  We will cover the direct-warpping method to warp the loom, preparing the loom to weave, and choosing and preparing your yarns for warp and weft.  We will discuss how to control your selvedge edges to end up with an attractive cloth.  Students will begin weaving during class and can practice between classes.

Class 2:  4 hrs  We will cover making stripes and other color work on your loom as well as discussing how to make color and weave structure work for you.  It’s amazing the effects you can achieve just using color order. 

Class 3:  4hrs  Here we will move away from plain weave and the over-one-under-one structure to explore twills and lace structures.  Here’s where you will begin to appreciate the power of this little loom!

Class 4:  4hrs  Now that we know the basics and a bit beyond, we will discuss designing your own cloth and the process of choosing the right size yarns to work together and produce the cloth you want.  If desired by students, we can walk thru the process of designing your next project!  Then the sky’s the limit!

Rigid Heddle Weaving Class