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Our artists' talents are as varied as their personalities, but this makes for a wonderful collection of amazing art across many mediums.


At the VAC there is something for everyone. We have pottery, acrylic, glasswork, jewelry, wood, watercolor, fiber art and many more.


Whether you are looking for a unique greeting card, small gift or that perfect piece of eye candy for your home, you can find it here, all handmade by local artists.


Below are some our featured artists and their bios. Learn what inspires them and how they got where they are today. 


Stop by our store in downtown Rutherfordton to view all of our treasures and even possibly run into your favorite artist!


A St. Augustine, FL native, Pat Hitchcock started painting at 16 and began her teaching career at 28.


Over the years, she has studied oils, acrylics and palette knife painting with many fine artists including Chevalier Tucker, Johnny Lilidahl, Dean Jackson, Buck Paulson and Lynne Pittard. Pat has demonstrated her skills all along the central and southeast United States and in New Zealand and Taiwan.


Pat is certified in Bob Ross Techniques, Landscapes, Floral and Wildlife and taught at the Bob Ross Workshop in Florida. Her knowledge of Bob Ross techniques is shared with the community at the Guild through the Bob Ross painting class. She is also certified with Dorothy Dent, a landscape painter of old barns and buildings.


Pat currently lives in Mill Spring, NC with her husband, Frankie. She has two daughters and five grandchildren.


With a lifelong dedication to artistic expression, I find joy in crafting pieces that illuminate precious moments and deepen connections to the earth.


My journey into pottery began 12 years ago, igniting a passion that resonates deeply as I mold clay into unique forms, especially on the wheel. Armed with skills from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, I infuse everyday items with energy and beauty, viewing the world through a lens of boundless potential.


Whether caring for loved ones, educating children, or shaping clay, my enthusiasm shines through, making sharing my pottery a truly rewarding experience.

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Solar Pyrography - Solar Wood Burning - Solar Art

My original pieces of art are wooden surfaces that have been “burnt” by intensifying the sun’s rays through a magnifying lens which produces a tiny laser-like beam. When focused on the wood, the resulting “laser” burns the wood’s surface. This procedure is very reliant on weather conditions & difficult to control, the process is time-consuming & painstaking, often requiring several days, or even weeks, to complete.


This is a very unique product in the world of arts and crafts. Each and every piece of work is an “original” and a “one of a kind” creation.

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Richard is new to the wood turning art. He has an extensive background in carpentry beginning with a trade education in his younger years. He gained machining skills working for a machine shop many of his working years. Taking these two skills he has combined them to create beautiful turned pieces.


His specialty is taking various exotic woods and creating segmented bowls.


He is a member of the Woodworkers Club in Rutherford County and displays his work at The Guild and at Sunny Blooms in Saluda, NC.

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