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Displaying Membership

A displaying member entitles this person who has paid their membership to be eligible to participate at the guild activities, exhibit and sell artwork in the gallery. There is a jury process for new displaying members. Contact the guild with the next available jury date for 2D or 3D art.

In addition to the benefits listed above, displaying artists can also:

  • Display artwork for sale at the VAC

  • Display business cards at the VAC

  • Add an Artist Bio on the Guild website

  • Link your website to the Guild website

  • Have the opportunity  to feature their work in the VAC gallery window and the website

  • Partner with businesses to display artwork when an opportunity is presented 

  • Have their artwork featured on the Guild Facebook pag

Non-Displaying Member

A non-displaying member is an individual who pays the annual dues of $30 but is not one who would display artwork in the gallery and gift shop. As a non-displaying member of The Guild you would enjoy the following benefits.

  • Receive newsletters and notices about upcoming events, classes and workshops

  • Discounts on certain exhibits, classes and events 

  • Enjoy camaraderie of Guild Artists

  • Attend special member only events

  • Opportunity to collaborate with other artists to learn, grow and hone your skills


We have several other ways you can support our efforts to grow art in Rutherford County, NC:

Become a......

  • Patron of the Guild - $125​

  • Supporter of the Guild - $250

  • Benefactor of the Guild - $500

  • Each of these donations comes with an additional family member that can access the benefits of Guild membership and receives the same benefits as a Displaying Member.

  • Become a Student Member

    • Student membership is open to all students ages 7-24 that are enrolled in a school or secondary education/college pro​gram

    • Students can display their artwork in the VAC for FREE in our Student Gallery, or for a small membership fee, they can offer their artwork for sale.

  • Donate to the Art Park

    • You can make any donation amount toward the building and creation of the community Art Park.  All donations go toward building and maintaining the park and purchase of supplies and materials for the Artists that are creating the art pieces for the park.​

    • Our Art Park fundraiser is ran on our Facebook page, as Facebook does not charge any fees for receiving funds for the park.  100% of money donated comes to us, no processing or handling fees.

    • You can also mail in your donation to RCVAG - Art Park at PO Box 2015, Rutherfordton, NC 28139 or drop by the VAC at 160 N. Main St. in Rutherfordton T-Sat 10am-3pm.

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