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Contemporary Art

Your first question may be; What is Contemporary Art? That's understandable as it represents basically everything "today." But what is today? That is debatable, but most art historians mark the beginning date to be somewhere in the late 1960s or early 70s. Artists today work in an environment that is more globally connected than ever before.  It is multifaceted, culturally diverse, and constantly changing due to advancements in both science and technology.  Contemporary artists work in a wide variety of mediums and their is no solid definition of what constitutes art. However if you take a closer look at contemporary art, it is easy to see the influence of past artists in their work. Artists still use art to both express themselves like Abstract Artists, to challenge the status quo like the Surrealist, and even to challenge society and culture itself like the Baroque and Cubism periods. Who knows where Contemporary Art will take us and the influence it will have on future generations? We can't wait to find out!

DID you know?

There was a sculpture so small, its artist accidentally inhaled it -Willard Wigan creates works of art that are so tiny that he once inhaled one by accident, which is a shame for him, because just one of his works will sell for about $40,000. There is even one that can fit on the eye of a needle.
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Below is some basic information on Contemporary Art and its characteristics and influences. If you would like to print off a copy of this page along with samples of art from this period, you can download the Contemporary Art summary above.

Quick Facts:
  • Art can be anything to anybody

  • Art is personal

  • Artist focus on how they create and share their art with others

Characteristics and/or Types of Art:
  • No specific characteristics; it’s an attitude

  • Style over substance

  • Influenced by everything around them: social issues, political issues and anything else that inspires their artwork

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