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Call for Entry

Submissions Due by August 31

Welcome to The Guild

The Rutherford County Visual Artists Guild (RCVAG) is not just an organization; we're a passionate community of artists, crafters, and volunteers who are celebrating and promoting visual arts in Rutherford County. Whether you are an experienced artist or simply someone with an appreciation for art, we extend a warm invitation to you to become a part of our Guild. By joining us, you will become a vital supporter of the thriving and ever-expanding arts community right here in Rutherford County.

In 2009, RCVAG proudly opened the Visual Artists Center on Main Street in Rutherfordton. This creative hub houses a captivating gallery showcasing local arts and crafts, a delightful gift shop, and an art studio, providing a space where creativity knows no bounds. Additionally, The Guild hosts an exciting array of workshops and classes tailored to all ages and skill levels. 

Our Guild is committed to growth and expansion. We are always on the lookout for fresh talent, welcoming both new members and artists to join us in our mission of sharing the love, appreciation, and passion for art in our community. 

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